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Welcome to Candy Apple Press!

Hi, I'm Kylie Gable. I am the publisher of Candy Apple Press, the host of our podcast, and the most prolific writer in our stable of writers. I'm trying to make a website that has all the links you'll ever need without requiring me to constantly update.

When I was in college, I had a group of girls decide to feminize my ass. It was a wild trip that begun as definite forced feminization that evolved into my pretending not to like what they were doing and the girls pretending not to notice that I was.

Those experiences made me a devotee of both feminization and female domination erotica. Candy Apple has published something like 400 books and 60 podcast episodes. Look around while you're here. I hope you'll find something you like.

                                                           XO Kylie





Audible: I don't really post new audios on here, but there are some stories exclusive to Audible and you can get them free by signing up.

IWantClips: Not my primary location for posting story audios, but I do have a bunch there and some PDFs too.

Twitter: Follow me on Twitter. I'm on there everyday so it's an easy way to interact with me.

Email: I love feedback. I don't always know what my readers and listerners want, so this is invaluable to me.

Amazon: The link at the top takes you to all my newest books, which are part of Candy Apple Press, but my old books predate Candy Apple.

NiteFlirt: I have an account and though I'm not on much, I'm always happy to chat or set up an appointment.



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