The Offer

The Operator has been a huge seller for me and received an average rating of 4.67 out of 5 stars on both and Goodreads.  I'm very proud of the book, but I am giving it out free to  reward my loyal readers. 


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Bob is a successful thirty-year-old who suffers from some social anxiety. He fills the void in his dating life by calling phone sex operators. Clare is a college graduate putting her fine arts degree to work taking phone calls from horny guys. When Bob tries to fool Clare by inventing a fictional mistress, she sees through his charade and dominates him for real. Will Bob ever escape her clutches and will he ever find the relationship he needs, but is too shy to look for?

This old fashioned traditional love story about three very non-traditional people contains forced feminization, humiliation, sissification, bondage, phone sex, and female domination both face to face and over the phone. (12,500 words)


"Kylie Gable is a brilliant writer that takes his readers on a fascinating journey through blackmail, feminzation and humiliation." Brandy


"There are a lot of time-worn scenarios and tired cliches that seem to dominate the genre. The good news is that this book does not fall into either trap." Amazon Customer


"Kylie is just a great writer. If you're looking for lots of mindless sex, this is not the story you want. The Operator is actually very well written with a lot of tension and true erotic kink. I squirmed at poor Bob, who loves to be humiliated and wow, Kylie does a great job humiliating him. Women are strong and in control." M.A.K