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NiteFlirt Listings: $50 per page

MP3 Scripts: $30 per 500 words.

Contracts: $50


I accept payment through Amazon, PayPal, and Venmo.


I earn about five cents per word writing erotica and I will consider any project you may have that will pay me that rate.


Quality Writing for the Busy Flirt

On the NiteFlirt Forums, I've heard flirts say, "Well guys don't read the listings anyway, they just look at the pictures."   This is true of some guys, they've got $3 left on their credit card, they see boobies, and they're going to call.  However, is this the type of client you want to advertise for?  As a caller myself, I've looked at everything from the flirt's spelling and grammar to their wish lists in the search for intelligent and sexy conversation. 


I can craft for you listing that will attract the kind of clients you want to call and I can do it in a style that will fit your own personality so that the clients who call you will be the kind of satisfied repeat callers that you want to attract.

Who am I?

I began writing erotica for  eBook sites beginning in January of 2014.  In that time, I have consistently placed in the top 500 erotica authors.  I mostly specialize in female domination, blackmail, and feminization.  Personally, I am a heterosexual submissive with a background in being feminized. 


I first Niteflirt as a caller and I still call my favorite flirts from time to time, but in early spring of this year, I began to make the transition to flirting myself.  I enjoyed it, but I soon realized that as a submissive taking calls from other submissives, I couldn't even use my best material.   I began to sell my writing to other flirts and I have had several very satisfied customers in a very short time.

Satisfied Flirts

"Even though it's just an introduction. I'm receiving a lot of positive feedback. Even received a gift from one of my slaves. :)" Onlyolivia


"This script is great! I'll be honest, I'm actually a really good writer, but for some reason I just hate writing! I just don't enjoy it," Goddess Melinda


"Suh-WEET Best forced fem. stories ever," DreaDarling


Your Ebony Goddess introduction for Onlyolivia


I am also happy to produce samples of my NiteFlirt writing upon request.

50/50 Program

If you have a sensual voice and a quality microphone, I may be willing to produce a feminization or female domination script for you.  After you record the script, you will send me a copy to sell in my store and you will be able to sell it in your store as well.  As I cater primarily to those two fetishes, those areas are the ones I am interested in collaborating on.

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